Event History (2009-2013)


Accomplishments of Foundation for India Studies (FIS) in 2011.

Entering into its 6th year of operation, the organization continues to introduce new programs like the Indo-American Oral History project for the Houston Indian community..

HOUSTON:  2011 has been a banner year for the Foundation for India Studies with a great deal of exposure to its accomplishments in the main stream media like the Houston Chronicle and HCC TV.

January 17th: FIS participated in MLK parade. The theme was “Bridging the Education Divide”.
March 23rd :  FIS signs a historic MOU with Houston Public Library to collaborate in the Indo-American Project.
March 25th: Held a private reception to Hyderabad artist Mr. OM Soorya whose trip was sponsored by FIS to conduct a week long panting workshop at UH School of Art.
• April 3rd: Expressed solidarity with Anna Hazere in anti-corruption demonstration.
July 19th: First Oral history Interview of Dr. P.N.Rao conducted in HPL’s Gregory School studio.
• Aug.8th: Proclamation at the City Hall by Mayor Annise Parker announcing inauguration of  the Indo-American Oral History project
August 19th: Celebrated 5th Anniversary at Jr. League and launched the Indo-American Oral History Project Jr. League. Key note speaker Mr. Charles Foster. Education Awards given to UH Provost Dr. John Antel and UH Vice-.Chancellor for International education, Dr. Strickland. Several organizations like UH, HCC, IACCGH ASIA SOCIETY participated in the event.
• August 20th : Participated in ICC celebration of Independence day celebration
• August 21st : Consul General, Sanjiv Arora introduces FIS and its activities to President Abdul Kalam. Krishna Vavilala Presents FIS 2011Annual Souvenir to the President.
• August 22nd : FIS Chair, Krishna Vavilala was invited by UH to have lunch with former President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam in UH Regent’s board room at the University of Houston.
• August 28th: Set up a booth in Janmashtami celebrations at GBCC to promote Oral history project.
• August 31st : First TV broadcast about the Oral History Project aired at 10.30PM by TV ASIA from New York. You may watch this below :

• September 1st :Second TV broadcast about the Oral History Project aired at 7.30PM by TV ASIA from New York.
• September 5th: Houston Chronicle published a feature article on Indo-American Oral History Project. click Here
• September 7th: Ms. Mary Sit anchor of Asia Connections – HCC TV, interviewed Krishna Vavilala, FIS Chairman about  the Oral History project.
• October 2nd : FIS members participated in Mahatma Gandhi Library walk
• October 6th: Contracted TECH-SYNERGY, Irvine California company for transcription services. They have already delivered six transcriptions, three of which are uploaded onto HPL servers.
• October 24: In Dr. Abraham Verghese’ lecture in UH Hilton School of Management, UH Dean, Dr. John Roberts credited FIS for initiating the India Studies program 5 years ago at the university. The Chairman of India Studies program at the university, Dr. Lois Zamora also recognized FIS Chairman, Krishna Vavilala during the same event.
• November 3rd : Held a private reception to Dr. Bharat Gupta a visiting historian and scholar from Delhi university.
• December 18th: HCC TV broadcasts an interview with FIS Chairman, Krishna Vavilala about the Oral History Project. Interviewer was Ms. Mary Sit of Asian connections. The interview can be watched below :


In summary:
•  Five (5) Interviews were taped till now for the Oral History project in HPL’s Gregory School Oral History studio. Interviewees were Dr. Potu N. Rao, Dr.Bhalla, Dr.Mehta, Girish Pandya, Ms. Neeta Mehta.
  Readers may visit the following Link to view the Oral History interviews done so far Click Here
  President of India House, Mr. Jugal Malani offered to pay an year’s rent for a studio soon to be set in India House. Equipment for this studio is under procurement.
To expedite the interviews in the interim, a make shift studio was set up in Sugar Land. Dr. Nik Nikam conducted two interviews, of Dr. Jagdish Sharma and Mr. and Mrs.Koshy Thomas, at this location.

Planned programs for 2012. 

• January 16th 2012: Participate in MLK parade. Theme : Empowerment through education. Event To join the parade, please call Bashist Sharma @ 281-893-8644 or Krishna Vavilala @713-795-5169
March 2012: Inauguration of Oral History Studio at India House
August 2012: India(n) Bee contest: New project to promote knowledge about India in school children and award Certificates and Scholarships. Project Chair: Surender Talwar. Details will be announced later.
• November 2012: Fund raiser Having been registered in 2005 as a 501(C3) as a non-profit organization for the purposes of establishing a Chair and a Research Center in Indian Studies at the University of Houston, during the past 4-years, the Foundation for India Studies (FIS) has been successful in convincing the University of Houston to share in this vision and the Indian community together on a path to establish journey to and has succeeded in introduction of Indian studies at the university. Beginning  in this globalized economy. Houston, thereby initiating Hindi and Indian History courses. The organization has been a major contributor in introducing credit courses in Hinduism and Jainism, Hindi Level I & II and Glimpses of Indian History and Anthropology of India at the University of Houston. In addition, last year, Houstonians saw the Foundation organize a number of stimulating discussions on the movie “Slum dog Millionaire” and examine whether it has helped or hurt the position of India around the world. Further, FIS has also launched a program titled “Distinguished Lecture Series” on topics of various interests and featuring well known Indians

Going strong in its 5th year, the Foundation has assembled a vibrant and promising team and formed a new board for the year year 2010. Organized in a 3 tier fashion, FIS comprises of the Executive Board, the current Board of Directors and the Board of Directors at large. At the helm of affairs is Mr. Krishna Vavilala, founder chairman, followed by Parul Fernandes, Vice Chairperson and Mr. Vatsa Kumar, as the Secretary. The Foundations immediate plans are to present programs that showcase the diverse perspectives on the social, cultural and academic aspects of India, booming economically. As part of its continued efforts, the Foundation has contributed scholarship money  for students at the University of Houston to promote Indian studies. On April-24, the Foundation is presenting Dr. E.C.G. Sudarshan in a lecture titled “Modern India’s Expanding Role in Science”

A registered, non-profit 501(C3) organization, the main goal of the Foundation of India Studies is to establish an endowed Chair in Indian Studies at University of Houston in order to provide quality education about India to Houstonians and facilitate learning and research in various subjects of India.

To contribute, support and get involved with the Foundation for India Studies, please feel free to contact Mr. Krishna Vavilala at (713)795-5169.